• Good data for
    good decisions

  • Data collection, harmonization
    and integration

  • Generating and optimizing Business and Policy Intelligence worldwide


Our mission

Development of Statistics.

We support our customers to enhance their capacities to generate and use quantitative information to improve decision-making.

Statistics for Development.

We provide our clients with the relevant quantitative information required to make optimal evidence-driven decisions for business and policy development.

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Featured projects

Devstat and its managing partners have led projects for the following clients (non-exhaustive list):

  • European Union

    European Union

  • Rosstat

    Rosstat. Federal State Statistics Service. Russian Federation

  • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. Qatar

    Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. Qatar

  • Bayer


  • Burguer King

    Burger King

  • France Telecom

    France Telecom

  • GlaxoSmithKline


  • UN

    United Nations agencies: (ITU, UNCTAD, ECA)

  • Norauto


  • Bayer


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